$1.8 Million Home For Sale In East Aurora With Its Own Lake and Island

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$1.8 Million Home For Sale In East Aurora With Its Own Lake and Island

Dream homes for people come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, a dream home can be something as simple as a cottage in the middle of nowhere with no frills.

Let’s be honest though, for many of us, a dream home is north of $1 million and features a ton of frills that most homes simply do not have.

One of those homes is up for sale in East Aurora and it has some amenities that will make your jaw drop.

Listed on Zillow for just under $2 million, this gorgeous home has over 6,800 square feet in space with five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

The backyard has its very own private lake with its own island. There’s a bridge that takes you over the pond as well, along with a huge patio to host parties and family get togethers.

The mansion has a four-car garage, but it also has an extra eight-car garage with a four bedroom guest house.

The kitchen is huge and updated. The living areas feature tons of room as well. The home even has its very own movie theater.

That backyard is something. Very few homes have those features.

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