Who is GAR Associates LLC?

We are a team of experts committed to conducting and performing municipal appraisals at level of performance that fully meets the needs of our clients


The core of our business centers on the real estate appraisal and valuation profession with an additional focus on a wide variety of real estate consulting. GAR Associates remains committed to partnering with our clients, providing them with exceptional, timely, solution-driven service and results.

Our History

For 60 years, GAR Associates has been performing real estate appraisals and consulting services to professionals who value quality.

Our Beginning

Founded in Buffalo by Larry Grant in 1961 as Western New York Appraisal Company, the company name was soon changed to Grant Appraisal & Research with the City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency and the New York State Department of Transportation among the firm’s initial clients.



During the ‘70s and ‘80s, the company grew through myriad clients, including banks, attorneys, developers, municipalities, and accounting firms, enhancing its reputation for high quality appraisal services. Major municipal projects included revaluation for the Town of Amherst which led to the formation of KVS, which was later sold-off. Through Erie County Savings Bank’s internal innovations and efficient residential appraisals, GAR successfully captured nearly 100 percent of their residential work.


GAR Associates is Formed

During the 1980s, the company became known as GAR Associates, Inc. (short for Grant Appraisal and Research Corp). The Commercial Department, as it is known today, began to take shape in the 1990s when several new commercial appraisers joined GAR, including four who remain on staff today. 


A new focus on our clients

In 2023, GAR Associates LLC  switches direction to focus on Municipal and Government Appraisals. 

GAR Associates LLC NY Appraisal and Consulting Firm

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