Corning citywide property value reassessment underway

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CORNING, N.Y. (WENY)–If you own property in the city of Corning, your property value is getting re-assessed.  The city is conducting a property assessment for the first time in almost a decade.

“All that revaluation does is distribute the tax levy voted on by the city council the school board and the county legislature. The revaluation does not raise or lower taxes,” Mark Ryckman, City of Corning City Manager said.

Property owners in the city of Corning recently received notice of an upcoming property re-assessment. Property values are typically reassessed every couple of years, for Corning, it’s the first time since 2014.

First, the city is collecting data from property owners, to make sure inventory records are up to date. They’ve hired private firm Gar Associates to perform the assessment on four-thousand properties city-wide. The assessment project is underway now and will go through the winter season.

“All the valuation does is ensure people are paying their fair share of the burden,” Ryckman said.

Ryckman explains depending on the amount of movement in the market and the change in assess value will determine any changes an owner will pay in property taxes.

“Somebody’s property value could go up, it’s possible their taxes go up, their taxes could stay the same, their taxes could even go down,” Ryckman said.

Property owners will learn of their preliminary new assessment in February.  If they don’t agree with the assessed value, Ryckman says there are steps you can take.

They can come and have an informal review with the assessor to show data on why they think their assessment is inaccurate. After that step they can go to the board of assessment review, which is a group of citizens appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council that will review any information a property owner has, and why they think their assessment is inaccurate after that there’s always litigation and a court procedure,” Ryckman said,

Below is a tentative timeline for the Reassessment Project and details of what you need to know.

September 8, 2022. The Assessor will mail an introductory letter and a property inventory to each property owner.

September 23, 2022.  This is the deadline for property owners to submit changes to their property inventories.

February 1, 2023.  The City will issue Preliminary Assessments to each property owner, based on the updated property inventory and an analysis of the market.

February 6 – March 6, 2023.  Property owners will be able to contact the Assessor’s Office and GAR Associates to discuss their Preliminary Assessments as part of an Informal Review Process.  This is an opportunity for property owners with concerns to discuss their Preliminary Assessments and the Assessor to make changes if warranted.

April 1, 2023.  The Assessor will file the Tentative Roll with the new property values.

May 2, 2023.  This is Grievance Day where any property owner who is not satisfied with their property value listed on the Tentative Roll can appear before the Board of Assessment Review.  The Board is comprised of citizens who listen to information provided by the property owner and the Assessor and make a determination if a change in value is warranted.

June 1, 2023.  The Assessor will file the Final Roll of property assessments.


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