Regal Elmwood Center owner seeks to break up plaza into three parts for easier sale

The owner of the Regal Elmwood Center in Buffalo wants to divide the property into three pieces so it could sell them separately.

An affiliate of DRA Advisors, a New York City real estate investment trust, wants to split the Regal Cinemas, Gordon Foods and Checkers Restaurant structures from each other.

It’s asking the Buffalo Planning Board to subdivide the 12.34-acre retail complex at 2001 Elmwood Ave., into three pieces, according to a letter to the Buffalo Planning Board from the owner’s attorney.

That would create a 9.3-acre parcel for the movie theater, while leaving 3.86 acres for Gordon Foods, and 0.24 acres for Checkers. No new development is being proposed.

The Planning Board will consider the request at 4 p.m. June 15.

The complex was originally developed in 1996, and includes AutoZone and Catalyst Fitness. However, those two buildings are separately owned. Joseph and Amy Bueme, co-owners of Catalyst, bought their parcel at 1999 Elmwood for $2.8 million in July 2019.

Posted by The Buffalo News

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