An explanation- town taxes and assessments

An explanation of town/county tax bills received in the mail

Residents of Greenburgh received their Town/County/tax bills this week. These taxes are due by the end of April.

Although the town and county tax rates did NOT increase this year, as I had indicated (the town’s tax rate decreased slightly), some residents received tax bills indicating an increase in taxes. As you may be aware, the property tax on your home is based on 2 factors: the tax rate and your assessment. The tax rate is based on the taxing authorities budget amount, and the town’s aggregate assessments. Assessments are based on New York State Real Property tax law and are to reflect the market value of the property. For those who received a tax increase, this may primarily be due to the increase in your assessed value from last year to this reflecting the increase in market values throughout the Town. Assessments are based on similar properties that have recently sold. Mandated by New York State, the Assessor’s office looked at all neighborhoods and sales within the same market area to determine the individual assessments. If you feel that your property does not reflect the current market value, please contact the Assessor’s office and one of our Town Appraisers will be happy to speak with you. The phone of the assessor is 914 989 1520. If you have further questions please feel free to contact us.

This is a link to the assessors website -with more information about assessments: The key question to ask: Can you sell your house for what the house is assessed at? If you can’t you should contact the Assessor.

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