City of Newburgh publishes tentative assessment roll

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The City of Newburgh has launched a new interactive real property inventory and assessment website: the City of Newburgh Property Record Online System (“PROS”). The launch coincides with the publishing of the 2024 tentative assessment roll.

PROS features a database of all properties located in the City of Newburgh, and includes key data on each property including assessments, exemptions, sales transactions, and property descriptions. As required by state law, the City of Newburgh maintains assessments at a uniform percentage of market value. The data currently reflects the 2024 tentative assessment roll, and will be updated throughout the year with current information.

The launch of the PROS system adds to a series of fiscal transparency measures implemented by the Newburgh City Council and City Manager Todd Venning. The City of Newburgh initiated a major step forward in fiscal transparency and community-centered government with its web-based, mobile-friendly Digital Budget Book and Fiscal Transparency Center. The City of Newburgh’s Fiscal Transparency Center empowers citizens to see precisely how revenues are generated and allocated, and better understand how the annual budget impacts the community programs and services they care about most.

The City of Newburgh worked with GAR Associates to develop its PROS website. Residents are encouraged to visit the City’s PROS system and utilize its tools for research and information at


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