ICYMI: Watch “For the Love of Buffalo” (Full Length Version)

How do you fit the heart and soul of the queen city into a one-hour long documentary?

It seems like an impossible task, but the 43N team, in conjunction with Brett Tuttle and his company BT Films, did it seamlessly, and left everyone with a greater love for this city plus a few (or in my case, a lot) tears shed.

The premier of “For the Love of Buffalo” at Seneca One was the type of night that left you with goosebumps, and the overwhelming feeling of wanting to extend a heartfelt embrace to the random stranger sitting next to you. From odes to the inside of some of Buffalo’s fastest-growing private companies, to personal anecdotes from Douglas Jemal, to an all too tear-jerking tribute to Allentown’s very own “bubble man”, this film was packed with an innumerable amount of love letters to the “City of Good Neighbors.” Maybe that term has been viewed in the past as an overused cliché, but after seeing this documentary it’s clear that there is no other phrase that upholds the truth of our city as much as that one does. Whether you are new to the Buffalo area or consider yourself a lifelong Buffalonian, this film will inspire and reignite a deep hearted love and appreciation for this place we are lucky enough to call home.

As far as the quality of the film goes, it showcased a cinematic excellence that only experts in the field could accomplish. Tuttle and his team at BT Films, captured the essence of our city through vibrant clips, shots, interviews and grade-A production. With a background like Tuttle, I am not surprised, but also thrilled to see this documentary land a spot on his extensive portfolio.

This film will make you laugh, cry and leave you feeling a deeper resonance with the spirit of Buffalo. I’m sure I speak for all in extending the deepest appreciation for the 43North team, BT Films, and the Ralph Wilson Foundation for making this entire documentary possible. The undertaking was not easy and yet, the team knocked it out of the park in typical 43North fashion.

“For the Love of Buffalo” will live on forever as a reminder for generations to come of just what our city is capable of.

If you missed the premier, the movie is available on the 43North YouTube page, and trust me when I say this is one you will not want to miss.

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