Letter to the Editor: Ossining Reassessment Project

Dear Editor:

In 2016 the Town of Ossining underwent an important and much needed reassessment project. All properties were assessed at 100% of full market value. It is the goal of the Town to maintain its original investment in the 2016 project by continuing to maintain accurate property assessments at 100% of full market value. Accurate property assessments ensure property owners are apportioned their fair share of the property tax levy.

As planned, the Town just completed its annual assessment process for the 2022 assessment roll. Changes in assessments reflect market value shifts and/or physical changes due to a change in property inventory data. Property owners are asked to focus on their 2022 assessed value to determine whether this value reflects what is believed to be the current full market value of the property as of the applicable July 1, 2021 Valuation Date. We encourage you to visit the Assessor’s page on our website to view property information, the neighborhood map, and an interactive sales map display.

All property owners will be receiving in the mail New York State Official Change of Assessment Notice(s) for their property(ies). A change in your property’s assessment does not necessarily indicate that your taxes will change. Your tax liability will be affected by several factors, including: changes to school/county/municipal budgets, changes to assessments of other properties, changes to exemptions applicable to your property and other properties, and apportionment of school and county taxes among multiple municipal segments.

In fact, on average, most properties in the Town of Ossining saw an 11% increase in assessed value. If the increase in your assessed value is at or around 11%, the proportion of your tax burden will likely not change significantly, nor will your annual tax bill.

However, if you disagree with your full market value estimate, you are entitled to challenge your assessment through the Board of Assessment Review from June 1 through June 21st, 2022. Grievance applications (form RP-524) are available on our website at www.TownofOssining.com or by calling our office.

Our office is open from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, or you can e-mail your Grievance form and supporting documentation to Grievance@TownofOssining.com. Please contact us directly at 914-762-8274 if you require more information regarding your 2022 tentative assessment.


Fernando Gonzalez, IAO
Town of Ossining Assessor

River Journal

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