One Small City In New York Is Growing Faster Than Any Other

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Overall, in New York, the population has been a little stagnant for the last decade. For one smaller city in Upstate New York, that is not the case.

What City Do You Think Of With This Picture?

Saratoga Racetrack
A few cities in New York are definitely known for horses, but one might stand out among the rest. Saratoga Springs.

Nestled just 45 or so minutes north of Albany, Saratoga Springs is certainly a summer town. While it is a perfect Upstate New York city year-round, it really booms come the warmer months. That is purely due to the Saratoga Race Course.

Saratoga Racetrack

For anyone who has ever been to Saratoga, that isn’t all that defines the city though. There is an auto museum, an amazing concert venue with SPAC, and even a natural water spring from which the town gets its name. Beyond that, there is tons of history surrounding the city dating back to the Revolutionary War.

How Is It The Fastest Growing?

Moving van with cardboard box and chairs by house

That part is simple, more people are moving there when compared to other cities of it’s size statewide. According to Aceable, the city has seen a 5.34% growth in 2018 alone. It makes sense, people come for the summer and fall in love and just never leave.


No matter the season, taking a walk down Broadway right in the heart of the city will show you what the major appeal to the quaint city of 28,000 can offer. For those who have seen it during the Summer, you have to see it around Christmas.

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